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Lost Prince Of Lorden. (Part 1).

This is the first game that I ever made using AGS. It has nothing new in the way of story line and some might say “clichéd”. However, on the first night of downloading AGS I started to create this game just to see how things worked.

As it was my first project I decided to embark on a fairly simplistic point and click adventure for my brother, who adores this genre of game. I had no idea of a story line (at the time) and made it up as I went. The idea is from a small story I wrote. (never published).

After my brother and other members of my family played it, and enjoyed it, I showed it to some of my friends. All have said that I should continue to develop adventure games and allow others to play them too.

The Story.

You are on your way to Bridgetown, a large and prosperous village on the northern shores of Lorden. There are four villages in all. One to the north, east, south and west points of the Isle. You have travelled South, from The Lore Lands across the river Yeatham, to hold council with Good King Aarion in his castle. He and his daughter, Princess Petal, command the four villages and the Isle of Lorden.

Reaching the castle gate your trusty steed becomes suddenly spooked, obviously by a feeling only it can sense, and throws you, unceremoniously, from its back. You awake to find that you have no idea as to where you are or how you even ended up in this predicament.

DOWNLOAD - The Lost Prince Of Lorden - Part 1.


The Decorator is a platform/adventure game, created with AGS. I decided to try something a little different, as a rest from my main project “The Lost Prince Of Lorden – Part 2”. However, it turned out to be longer and more troublesome than I first thought it would be. It was a sharp learning curve to create but extremely enjoyable... sometimes.


Lord and Lady Featherstone are thrilled when they inherit Grantley Mansion from a widely travelled, recently deceased Uncle. The building has stood empty and neglected for years, but they are confident that it can be restored to its former glory.

Deeds signed, key in hand, they take possession only to discover, to their horror, that the Mansion is already possessed by a legion of unearthly squatters. Remembering an advertisement he has seen in the local Newspaper Lord Featherstone enlists the services of Dan a renowned, but unconventional, Decorator to rid the place of these uninvited guests by performing a Decorcism.

DOWNLOAD - The Decorcist.