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WHO OR WHAT IS J-SOFT (I hear you cry)

Well... I am a very small (practically insignificant) company (ranging from Director to tea boy) making old-school point-and-click adventure games using “Adventure Game Studio” or AGS for short. If you have visited my site and are also interested in making a point-and-click adventure game yourself then please check out the site below.

Adventure Game Studio. Hit the link and be transported to a world of wonder!




Since my young days of first marvelling at the Sinclair Spectrum ZX81, my friend had in a box under his bed, I was hooked. I was very fortunate to have Parents that understood my excitement when the Spectrum 48k arrived on the market. For Christmas that year, a cold crisp Christmas eve to be precise, I peered over my warm bed covers to see Mum and Dad carrying presents down the stairs, Obviously left by Santa!

I fell asleep hoping that one of them was the computer I so dearly desired.

Christmas morning came. Whilst Mum handed out the sausage rolls, and cups of tea, my Dad was tending to the beautiful coal fire in the living room where we were all gathered. My Brother and I waited patiently for Mum and Dad to finish their chores, sit down on the floor with us, and declare that the parcel opening could begin.